11 Jan
Five great Portuguese restaurants in Lisbon

Here's a glimpse into a few Portuguese restaurants in Lisbon's culinary scene that provide an authentic, beautiful and delicious experience:

  1. Cervejaria Ramiro - a bustling seafood restaurant, located near Martim Moniz Square, offering a true taste of the sea from succulent tiger prawns to mouthwatering crab.
  2. A Severa-  a fado house and restaurant that offers a great cultural and culinary experience.
  3. Solar dos Presuntos - this restaurant specializes in hearty Portuguese dishes, including succulent roasted meats and flavorful stews.
  4. Lisboa à Noite - an elegant restaurant serving  Portuguese food with a Moroccan twist in Bairro Alto.
  5. Pasteis de Belém - an essential stop for indulging in Portugal's beloved pastéis de nata with creamy custard filling and crispy pastry.
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