09 Jan
Coca-Cola, Fernando Pessoa and the Brasileira cafe in Chiado

“Primeiro, estranha-se. Depois, entranha-se”, which roughly translates to English as “First you find it strange. Then you can't get enough of it” was a slogan for launching Coca-Cola in Portugal, in 1927. 

This slogan was created by the advertising agency where Fernando Pessoa, one of the most significant Portuguese literary figures of the 20th century, worked. 

The slogan was simple yet creative and intriguing, wouldn’t you agree? Yet, eventually it didn’t lead the commercial campaign of Coca-Cola in Portugal because the drink was banned for 50 years by the Portuguese Justice and the Estado Novo regime of Salazar (too addictive?!)

There is a great statue of Fernando Pessoa in central Lisbon, sitting in the Brasileira cafe in Chiado, not drinking Coca-Cola 😉

This statue is a very popular and fun spot for a nice photograph as there is an extra chair next to it.

Does this slogan describe your adventures in Portugal so far?

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