24 Jun
City art and renowned artists currently active in Lisbon.

Welcome to our series of posts about renowned artists currently active in Lisbon.

From bold murals to intricate stencil work, Lisbon's streets are alive with creativity, and these artists are at the forefront of this dynamic scene. 

Pedro Cabrita Reis was born in 1956 and he is a Lisbon-based artist known for his installations, sculptures, and mixed-media works.

His sculpture "Central Tagus” was installed in Belem district of Lisbon in 2018, in front of the old power station, where the boats that provided coal to the power plant docked. 

The two towers of aluminum tubes and fluorescent lights, 10 metres high, integrate into the landscape, reflecting the light of the river and emanating their own light, and explore themes of space, memory, and architecture.

It's spectacular on stormy days and at night.

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